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It was way back in 1968 when our founder looked around and realized that there were no companies out there that specialized in only working on water heaters. At the time, it was Sears, a plumber, or your Uncle Joe that came to mind right after you noticed a leak under your cold, water heater tank. He thought that Sears, who contracted their work out (he had done their work as a subcontractor) had poor service and offered only their brand of water heater, plumbers tended to charge an “arm and a leg” and weren’t famous for their great service either, and “Uncle Joe” would always want a favor in return and might even put the pressure relief valve on the cold water inlet.

“We’ve been installing for over 55 years”

The concept our founder would develop included training technicians to the highest standards by concentrating all their energy on only one thing: water heaters. Thus Water heaters Only! They wouldn’t be tested on cleaning drains or the proper setting of a toilet but they would know water heaters inside and out. These technicians would also be given trucks that would fit their needs so they wouldn’t have to deal with a tangle of sewer cables and they would have every conceivable part that a person could require to install or repair a water heater.

This concept included providing a service that had never been offered before for water heater repair or replacement. The telephones would be answered by real, live experienced people at every hour of the day or night and every single day of the year. Also, there would never be an extra cost for weekend or holiday service. This concept was created as a way to guarantee that our customers were getting the best service available at the lowest price. 

Another component was the invention of the Emergency Shutdown Instruction Sticker that would be direct mailed to millions of homes. This self-adhesive sticker was designed to assist homeowners in shutting down and draining their water heaters in order to avoid damage to their homes from water or gas leakage. It’s also a means of connecting our customers to our services. And here we are now over 55 years later! Perhaps our commitment to fast service, high quality products and unbeatable prices has been what has us still going strong as America’s favorite water heater specialist!

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