2022 IREM Golf Tournament

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2022 IREM Golf Tournament

Water Heaters Only, Inc At The 2022 IREM Golf Tournament!

Fun, games and a great way to connect with our clients.

What a fabulous sunny day we enjoyed at the 2022 IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) Golf Tournament at The Ridge Golf Course in Auburn!
2022 IREM Golf Tournament Water Heaters Only Tee
Water Heaters Only, Inc repairs, replaces and installs all types of water heaters for many property managers, real estate professionals, and apartments communities in the greater Sacramento area. We love spending time getting to know our clients so we can best understand how to serve their needs.

Social events, tradeshows and networking allows us the face to face time to connect with our clients and continue to build long term relationships. Due to the pandemic, we have missed this opportunity over the past few years. We were very excited about sponsoring The 2022 IREM Golf Tournament and getting out to see and visit with some of our clients.

Nate From Water Heaters Only, Inc. Manning The Booth At the IREM Golf Tournament At The Ridge In Auburn, CA. 5-12-2022

Three Interesting Things That Happened At 2022 IREM Golf Tournament

  • A Beautiful Redtail Hawk Landed Next To Us
  • 3 Golf Carts All Lost Power And Had To Be Towed
  • Our Golf Cart Became A Ride-Share Cart (See Photo Below)

Besides the wonderful cool fresh air and sunshine, we also thoroughly enjoyed talking to over 140 golf participants. There were all levels of experience participating but regardless of the skill level everyone had a great time! We even had a visitor of the fowl kind, a majestic Red-Tailed Hawk landed on the tee next to us and demonstrated the art of capturing and devouring a tasty snake, then flew gracefully away.

It was a day filled with lots of fun, good food and great golfing. Our Water Heaters Only, Inc. booth was on the 7th hole again this year. We sponsored the tee and provided food for the “Around the World” themed event. All of the food hole sponsors decorated their booths and served varieties of food from different parts of the world. Below is our neighbor with a “Grecian” theme – the even dressed up!

2022 IREM Golf Tournament Duarte Construction Tee Sponsor

As if that wasn’t enough food, upon arrival at Ridge Golf Course we were offered a breakfast of burritos, coffee and pastries, later in the day a nice sandwich lunch from Panera was delivered to our booth, then at the end of the day during the awards ceremony a feast of short ribs, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, and desert was provided. (I’m still full)!

During the course of the day, I finally had a chance to get out and take some photos of this oh-so-fun event. Shortly after starting my photo tour, I was met by an abandoned golf cart in the middle of the path, nowhere near a hole. Apparently, the battery died and left two women stranded, who were providing beverages to Tournament participants. We were a very long way from the club house where they would need to pick up a replacement cart. Of course, I was more than happy to give them a lift! Off we went laughing, singing and going as fast as our little golf cart would go when we came across two men who had also lost power in their golf cart! (One of them was wearing a traditional Scottish Kilt). Oh goodness me!!
Everybody Is Hitching A Ride At The IREM Golf Tournament 5-12-2022

So…..my little Water Heaters Only, Inc. “Lyft”, (hee hee) was now hauling 5 happy IREM members back to the clubhouse. Not as fast, but W.H.O knew it could be done! I have pics to prove it! I think my favorite part of the day was watching all of the happy golfers faces while they anxiously waiting for their number to be called for one of the many coveted great raffle prizes!